Dear Friend,
This year, we have a special opportunity to let the power of this community be our companions and fellow journeyers on our own paths of healing and change. Each one of us has our own personal vision for who we want to be this year, and where our thinking or choices don't reflect that vision.  One of the greatest gifts that we can give each other is the genuine knowledge that we are not alone in missing the mark of our vision.
During Yom Kippur, we will be asking for forgiveness in each of the different services that we pray together. In order for us to make our prayers relevant and meaningful, we will not just call out the transgressions that are listed in the prayer book, but we also want to call out the real transgressions (anonymously, of course) of the actual people that we are praying with. It is powerful and deeply healing to hear how other people's transgressions parallel our own and to ask forgiveness for not only ourselves, but the actual people in the congregation.
To make this experience a reality, you have the opportunity to submit anonymously at least one transgression in three different areas between now and Rosh Hashanah.

All the best for a healthy and happy new year,
Rabbi K'vod and Cantor Young

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