Nevada Senior Services EWA 2020 Planning Survey
Thank you for taking part in a brief survey for Engaging With Aging's 2020 Planning Committee. We hope the results will help EWA better plan a valuable conference agenda.
Policy Issues:
What are the top 5 issues impacting older adults that EWA 2020 should address? 
Select 5.
Poverty & Economic Security
Social Security & Retirement Security
Medicare & Medicaid
Long Term Services & Support (e.g. home- and community-based services, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes)
Caregiver Supports & Services
Senior Housing
Elder Rights Advocacy
Elder Abuse Prevention
Healthy Aging/Chronic Disease Management (e.g., physical, mental and social well-being, falls prevention, healthy eating, active living, disease prevention and health promotion, access to care)
Senior Centers
OAA Re-authorization & Funding
Emergency Preparedness
Affordable Care Act
Livable Communities / Aging in Place
Minority Aging (e.g., race, LGBTQ, disability)
Prescription Medications
Home Alone with Dementia
Nutrition & Senior Hunger
Deeper Dive:
Based on policy issues previously identified by national organizations, these next questions ask for views on specific issues within larger discussions as a guide to break-out session development.
Within the topic of Financial Security, which one of the following issues is most important? 
Select 1.
Social security financing
Out of pocket long-term care costs
Increase employment options for older workers
Increase eligibility to employer-sponsored retirement plans
Within the topic of Medicare/ Medicaid, which one of the following issues is most important? 
Select 1.
Medicare financing
Broaden community-based Medicare coverage (e.g., unskilled services)
Medicare Part D coverage/ out of pocket costs
Expanding Medicaid waiver options
Provider reimbursement rates
Within the topics of Long Term Services & Support (LTSS) and Caregiver Supports & Services, which one of the following issues is most important? 
Select 1.
Improve integration of LTSS infrastructure among health and social service systems
Expand access to home- and community-based services to individuals near poverty (i.e., pre-Medicaid population)
Expand access to respite services
Address caregiving financial hardships (e.g., caregiver tax credits, caregiver social security benefit)
Advance training for caregivers and the direct care workforce
Within the topic of Affordable Housing/Homelessness, which one of the following issues is most important? 
Select 1.
Increase incentives for building affordable dwelling units for older adults
Increase in availability of Section 8 vouchers for older adults
Increase investments in tenancy-sustaining services to prevent older adult homelessness
Increase health and social services within affordable housing
Develop seniors-only shelters
Increase inventory of affordable senior housing

Within the topic of Elder Justice, which one of the following issues is most important?

Select 1.

Increase funding authorization amounts for state adult protective service and long-term care ombudsman agencies
Continue the Federal Elder Justice Coordinating Council
Strengthen the APS Resource Center, which provides technical assistance to local APS entities
Require mandatory reporting of crimes in a nursing home setting and that CMS be directed to establish a national policy to give clear guidance to states on how to implement
Advocacy Skills:
What are the top 3 Advocacy Skills that you would most likely to learn more about from EWA? Select up to 3.
Monitor and/or analyze legislation
Write an effective letter or email
Make a compelling phone call
Start a press clippings file
Pitch a news story or interview
Have a face-to-face meeting with your representative
Testify at a public hearing
Organize a town hall or a briefing
Apply for an appointment to a committee
Invite your representative to see your program or service in action
Speakers & Topics You Would Like for 2020:
What are the top 5 Speakers & or Topics that you would like to see present at EWA 2020? Please write in your answers.

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Please add any additional comments or suggestions for EWA 2020.

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