Spring Writes Literary Festival 2020 Event Proposals
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Due Wednesday, January 15 by 5pm. 
The 2020 Spring Writes Guidelines & Instructions are at www.SpringWrites.org
Note: Since this form can not be saved and retrieved, we recommend composing the narratives elsewhere and cut/pasting here when ready to submit.  
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Organize an event (reading, performance, panel or workshop?) If yes, answer questions #5 to #12
Participate in a group reading (that someone else organizes)? f yes, answer questions #4 to #7

If you checked "Participate in a group reading..." above: please list what you would like to read (i.e. fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction), and if it is new work.  


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Friday, May 1, noon to 4pm
Friday, May 1, 4pm to 8pm
Saturday, May 2, 11am to 2pm
Saturday, May 2, 2pm to 5pm
Saturday, May 2, 5pm to 8pm
Sunday, May 3, 11am to 2pm
Sunday, May 3, 2pm to 5pm
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Please tell us about yourself and your writing career in up to 700 characers
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Please include a 25 word bio.

If selected, this will be used in the Spring Writes Program along with your name and website. 


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Continue if you would like to propose to organize an event. 
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If proposing to organize an event, indicate the type of event you would like to organize. 
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Optional Statement of Merit (Why would your event would be a great addition to the Festival?)  


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Event Needs or Preferred Venues: Let us know what you need for your event:
1. Tables & chairs for presenters: How many?
2. Podiums (music stands):
(The number you need depends on how many people will be reading at once. If one person reads at a time, you need 1 stand.)
3. Mics, Projectors or Other:
(See Guidelines)
4. If you have a specific venue you'd like to use, please list that venue.  

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