Dear FHANA members,

As part of the upcoming FHANA Board of Directors election process, this year we will be holding a Town Hall style webinar for Board of Director candidates. Candidates will be asked a number of questions by a moderator and given the opportunity to respond. The questions will be selected randomly for each candidate. Members will be able to attend the webinar and listen to the responses, as well as listen to the event later via a link on the FHANA website.

As part of this process, we are asking for your input in regards to questions to be asked to potential FHANA Board of Directors members. This is your opportunity to submit questions that you would like to have answered by candidates before you cast your vote.

Board of Directors Elections 2020

November 1, 2019-Call for Nominations
November 29, 2019-Close Nominations
December 6, 2019-Email/Mail Campaign Questions
December 12, 2019-Town Hall Session
December 18, 2019-Return of Campaign Questions and Biographies
January 1, 2020-Mail/Email Ballots, Campaign Question Responses & Bios to Membership
January 31, 2020-Election Closes
February 5, 2020-Count Ballots and Announce Results