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"Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it." - Albert Schweitzer
WSO thrives because of our volunteers. Would you like to connect with people and make a difference? Thank you for answering the following questions. Your answers will help us find the best spot for you when you are ready.

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What type of WSO member are you? 

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These are the general areas within WSO. Do any sound interesting to you? Please check all that apply:

Conventions - Help with or organize a convention. It's not necessary for it to be in your community.
Finance & Accounting - Prepare and/or oversee financial records, reports and budgets
Secretarial - Record minutes at board meetings; Keep organizational records
Membership - Maintain membership records; Receive and track membership dues; New Member Mentor Program
Hospitality - Assemble Registration Packets; Attend each convention as part of Hospitality Team
Publications & Design - Be part of a team to edit Watermark; Watermark Design & Layout
Marketing & Public Relations - Plan and implement ways to promote WSO
Social Media -Post events on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, etc.
Website Review & Maintenance - Review website for improvements; Maintain website
Audio / Visual - Set up and maintain video equipment for conventions and workshops
WSO Logo Merchandise - Order merchandise, maintain records; Attend conventions to sell merchandise
Video Library - Maintain video library; Attend conventions to promote
Communications - Design and send out Constant Contact emails to membership
Investments & Awards - Work with 100 Club to maintain financial investments and records
Education - Maintain and promote educational opportunities for members
How much time would you currently be able to give? 
Check all that apply:
1-4 hours per week
5-8 hours per week
I would like to volunteer right away. Please contact me!
None at this time, but I might be able to in the future
I am unable to give time now or in the future
I am already volunteering for ______ (Please list in the Comment section)
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What general skills do you have?
Check all that apply:

Computer skills: Create Word documents
Writing skills: English grammar, spelling, sentence structure, proof reading
Contract reviews (insurance, facility use, agreements)
Grant Writing
Finance, Accounting or record keeping
Image editing, file transfer
Website management, design or maintenance
Investment knowledge or interest
Marketing or public relations
Publishing, design, and layout
Audio-visual equipment knowledge or interest
Art Teacher
Good Worker-bee
Enjoy interacting with people
Organized and detail oriented person
Other: (Please list in the Comments section below)
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We love our conventions. Would you be interested in helping?

I would like to help with a convention; please have a Convention Chair contact me.
I would like to teach a breakout session at a convention.
Audio/Visual - assist with AV needs at conventions. Computer & AV skills needed. Spouses welcome.
I would like to talk with someone about what's involved in hosting a convention. Please have the Convention Director contact me.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know!  Is there anything you'd like to add?

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