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Thank you for your interest in presenting with SENG.

Please complete the form in accurate detail. If your proposal is accepted and you are invited to present, some of this information will be used to promote the event or program. SENG will not share your personal information.
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This year's theme is "Nature and Nuture: Guiding the Gifted Experience Across the Life Span." How will your presentation fit into this theme?

Guiding the gifted experience across the life span: Toddlers and Children, Youth and Young Adults, Mid-life, mid-career Adults and Elderly, retired adults.
Guiding the gifted experience for diversity and difference: LGBTQ, Twice exceptional, Culturally diverse, ESOL, spirituality and religion.
Guiding the gifted experience socially and emotionally: Intensities, over-excitabilities, mental health, relating with others, trauma, perfectionism and procrastination, self-esteem, resilience.
Guiding the gifted experience in your role: Parents, grandparents and other family; Teachers; Psychologists and counsellors; Researchers and Graduate students.
Guiding the gifted experience in learning environments: Early childhood centers and schools; home, including homeschooling; community; university; the workplace.
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Proficiency Level Rating (for audience)
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Target Audience (select all that apply)

Gifted, talented, 2e individuals
Parents or caregivers of GT2e
Mental health professionals
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Themes in presentation or program? (E.g., resilience, homeschooling, anxiety management.)


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What are the learner outcomes (i.e., what will the audience learn from this session, program or presentation)?


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Brief biography of lead presenter


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Do you authorize SENG to use your provided photo and photos taken during your presentation/program for promotional purposes? Selecting "yes" does not guarantee use of photos. This question is for permission purposes only.

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Do you authorize SENG to record your presentation/program for promotional purposes and to add its library of resources? Selecting "yes" does not guarantee recording and addition to the library. This question is for permission purposes only.
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Please select all that apply. I am interested in presenting other programs for SENG, including:

SENGinar (90 minute webinar)
Annual Conference Presentation (~80 minutes)
Mini-Conference Presentation (~55 minutes)
Online Workshop
Support Group (multiple sessions, 6 weeks)
Podcast (guest spot - up to 20 minutes of produced material)
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