Gen Con 2020 GM Survey
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Calling All GMs!
Do you love Numenera, the Cypher System, No Thank You, Evil! and our other games? Do you love the best four days in gaming? Do you love running RPGs and welcoming new, enthusiastic gamers into our fantastic community?

This is our call-out for GMs and demoers for Gen Con 2020. Gen Con is many months away, but if you're thinking of attending it's not too early to start planning for the show. You can run official MCG adventures, or (and this is new for 2020!) you can run adventures you design, or any of your favorite existing MCG adventures, under the umbrella of official MCG events.

We'd love to have you run as many games as you feel comfortable with, and we offer some pretty good rewards if you run more than one official MCG game. 

Here's how it works:

- You let us know you're interested through this survey. You tell us which games you're most interested in, and whether you're looking to get a badge reimbursed by running at least 12 hours of 4-hour game sessions and/or short demos at the MCG booth.

- Our events aren't confirmed with Gen Con just yet, but we'll soon have the official schedule of all our games, and we'll ask you to choose your specific slots. 

- We provide you with the official adventure (or adventures, if you're running for more than one game system). You'll get it in PDF format a few weeks ahead of the convention. At the show you'll get a print copy of it, along with pre-generated characters and other handouts you need.

- We ask you to attend a meeting Wednesday evening at Gen Con. That's where you'll get your goodies and meet other GMs and MCG staff. (If you won't be at Gen Con on Wednesday, we can make other arrangements.

Running games at Gen Con is a blast, and the community of MCG GMs is wonderful and welcoming. Many of our GMs comment that hanging out and running games with us is one of the most memorable aspects of Gen Con. And that's not all. 

If you run at least one standard, four-hour game session, or four hours of MCG demos, you'll get:

- An exclusive softcover book that includes all of the 2020 MCG Gen Con adventures. This book won't be available in print anywhere else.

- Premium seating at all MCG seminars and non-adventure events.

- Our thanks, the thanks of your players, and a sense of a job well done!

If you run two standard game sessions, or some combination of games and demos totaling at least eight hours, we'll add:

- A GM goodie bag, full of cool and useful stuff for GMs. (While the details aren't fully worked out yet, in past years they've contained about $50 worth of fun and useful stuff.)

If you run games/demos for us for twelve hours or more, we'll add:

- A GM badge. That's right, your Gen Con badge is free! (Please note: Depending on the timing, if you're getting a hotel room via the Gen Con system, you might still need to register and pay for your regular Gen Con badge before hotel registration opens. If that happens, you can swap yo

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Are you a GM who is going to Gen Con 2020? We'd love your help running MCG official games and in-booth demos. Please complete the following survey, and we'll be in touch via email in the coming weeks!

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You Can Design and Run Your Own Adventures!
New in 2020: if you have your own Numenera or Cypher System adventure you'd like to run, or if you'd like to run any existing adventure published by Monte Cook Games, you can now do so as an official MCG event! 

Here's how it works:

- Commit to run at least one session of an official MCG Gen Con 2020 adventure.

- Let us know how many sessions of your own adventure(s), or existing adventures published by MCG, you'd like to run. If you want to run an adventure of your design, it will need to meet our content standards, run in a complete four-hour session, and allow for up to six players.

- In December, we will need some information: the game line, the title, an overview of your adventure, and your preferred date and time for running it at Gen Con. We may have some feedback for you, and we cannot guarantee that you'll get the time slot you've requested (but we'll try!).

- In early January, we'll need to review a complete draft of your adventure. (We'll provide guidelines for what that needs to include.) At that time, assuming it all looks good, we'll submit it to Gen Con as an official MCG event!

Which kind of events are you interested in GMing?

Booth demos
MCG's official Gen Con 2020 adventures (scheduled 4-hour slots)
MCG's previously-published adventures (scheduled 4-hour slots)
My own adventures (to be approved, then scheduled in 4-hour slots)
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Are you interested in getting your badge reimbursed by running 12 hours of game events* and/or booth demos for us? 

*Events are game sessions held in a location assigned by Gen Con, and typically last for about 4 hours.
No, I only want to run a few games
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I am interested in running events or demoing for the following games:

Cypher System
The Strange
Invisible Sun
No Thank You, Evil!
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I am a member of the Asset Team, where I earn Shins (store credit) for qualifying demos and games I run:
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Not yet, but tell me more!
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What other information would you like to share with us?

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