Community Inspired Montague Resilience Planning Survey
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Please provide some general information about yourself. This survey is anonymous, unless you choose to provide your contact information at the end.
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 Which of the following categories best describes you? (Please select all that apply.)

I am a resident of Montague
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What is (are) your main area(s) of focus (select one or more):

Public Health
Environmental Sustainability
Economic Development
Emergency Management
Social Equity
Infrastructure Mainten./Improvements
Law Enforcement
Governance and Community Involvement

In this part of the survey, we ask that you identify and rate factors that contribute to Montague's resilience. This section aims to help us understand what our community views as Montague's current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to resilience. We encourage you to think broadly and long-term about the factors that make the City of Montague a resilient community. 

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Based on your knowledge of Montague, please rate its resilience based on the following:
 Area of strength Doing well but can improve Need to do better I don't know  
Availability and condition of affordable and workforce housing:  
Current level of transparency in governmental affairs:  
The City's openness and support for a diversity of lifestyles:  
Availability and access to healthy food options for all areas of the city:  
Current level of community involvement and engagement in neighborhood and social networks:  
Montague's success as the primary driver of economic growth in the region:  
Ample supply of safe, clean, and affordable water:  
Availability of a reliable energy supply (lack of brownouts, etc.):  
Current level of preparedness for a wide-spread health incident or disease outbreak:  
Adequacy of sidewalks and pedestrian infrastructure - location, width, and condition:  
Required 5.
(continued) Based on your knowledge of Montague, please rate its resilience based on the following:
 Area of strength Doing well but can improve Need to do better I don't know  
Effectiveness of the roadway infrastructure, primarily automotive mobility:  
Availability and access to financial services in the city:  
The ability of Montague's economy to support a wide range of job opportunities for all residents:  
Protection of natural and environmental assets:  
Support for the creation and retention of small businesses:  
A local economy that is diverse, strong, and growing:  
Montague's ability to foster a unique and robust cultural identity:  
Availability and access to hospitals and health care services:  
Availability and access to quality education:  
Current level of fire preparedness:  
Required 6.

(continued) Based on your knowledge of Montague, please rate its resilience based on the following:

 Area of strength Doing well but can improve Need to do better I don't know  
Current level of drought preparedness:  
City's ability to attract new jobs and create new businesses:  
City's ability to proactively and effectively deter crime:  
Effectiveness of transportation options:  
City's ability to attract new residents:  
Required 7.

Please select the top three things that you believe the City of Montague should focus on. If your top priorities are not shown here, please specify in the space provided.

Healthcare - Healthcare is accessible and affordable
Fire Mitigation - Infrastructure improvements that reduce fires
Government Transparency - Adequate measures are in place to promote trust in the government
Crime Deterrence
Employment Support - Workforce preparedness and skills training
Housing Affordability - Sufficient choice and affordable options
Access to Water and Energy - Affordable and secure water and energy supplies
Race Relations - People of all races and backgrounds feel welcomed
Civic Engagement and Social Cohesion - Citizens feel connected to their communities and the City as a whole
Economy - Local economy is diverse and strong
Food Access - Access to healthy food options
Cultural Support - The local identity of the community is strong and people have a sense of belonging
Environmental Protection -Effective environmental protection regulations are in place
Transportation and Mobility - Traveling around Montague is convenient on buses, cars, bikes and for pedestrians
Access to Education - Quality schools are available

If the list above does not reflect the resilience priorities that you would like to see, please specify up to three priorities below.


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Thank you for your time and your participation in this survey. Please forward this survey on to other people or organizations that you think might be interested in providing feedback.

Responses will be used to inform the City of Montague resilience-building priorities moving forward with the development of the Community Inspired Resilience Planning.

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