Old North End Bike Connectivity, Pedestrian Safety, Stormwater Management Survey
The City of Burlington and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) are working in partnership with Toole Design Group to evaluate opportunities to improve connectivity for low-stress bicycling routes in the southwest section of the Old North End. Developing routes to connect Battery Park, the Old North End Neighborhood Greenway, and the future Depot Street and Lakeview Terrace Neighborhood Greenways will provide Old North End residents with safe and accessible bike routes. In addition to bikeway connectivity, this project will also identify opportunities to improve pedestrian crossings and enhance stormwater management while minimizing impacts and costs.  
We want to hear from you to help us identify issues and potential connections for conceptual designs that support walking, biking and clean water in the Old North End. The survey can be completed in 5 minutes.   

Do you live in the Old North End?

No, but I live in Burlington
No, I live outside of Burlington
Are any of the following Old North End intersections unsafe for people walking and biking? If one of these stand out as least safe, please select and list under, "Other." 
(1) North Ave/North St
(2) North St/Park St
(3) North St/North Champlain St
(4) North Ave/Sherman St and Battery Park entrance
(5) Park St/Sherman St
(6) Monroe St/Park St
(7) Park St/Battery St and Pearl Street
The City is planning or has recently installed new bike infrastructure throughout the Old North End. Have you walked or biked along any of the following routes?
(1) Lakeview Terrace Greenway (planned, to be built 2020)
(2) Depot Street Greenway (planned, to be built 2020)
(3) Old North End Greenway
(4) Through Battery Park
I have not walked or biked on any of these routes
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Which of the following bike connections in the Old North End would you like to see?


(1 = Most important, 3 = least important)
(A) North Ave between Haswell St and Sherman St
(B) North St between Depot St and North Champlain St
(C) Park St between Sherman St and the Battery St Shared Use Path
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Are there any other streets that would be important or helpful bike connections in the Old North End?


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Which of the following streets should be considered for low-stress (high level of comfort for all users) bike connections in the Old North End?
(1) Front St between North St and North Ave
(2) Sherman Street between North Champlain St and Park St
(3) Monroe St between North Champlain St and Park St
(4) Battery Park Connection
None of the above

As part of Burlington's Walk Bike Master Plan, North St was identified as an important community destination in the Old North End. Which of the following would you like to see on North St to improve safety for walking and biking?


Shorter pedestrian crossings
More street trees
More lighting
More crosswalks
None of the above
All of the above

Burlington's Walk Bike Master Plan identified the Rose St / North St / Murray St intersection as a Top 20 Priority Intersection, based on crash data and public input. One of the proposals to improve safety includes raising the intersection, which would increase the visibility of people walking and biking and improve stormwater management and slow traffic through the use of permeable pavers. What is your opinion of this project?


Strongly support
Strongly Oppose

Are there any areas/streets in the Old North End that appear to have stormwater-related problems (areas with standing water, excessive runoff, etc.)?


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Are there any other issues related to walking, biking or stormwater that you feel should be addressed in the project study area within the Old North End?


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