Within our community stand many people who go above and beyond to make Paso Robles a better place to live, work and play. They are the ones who volunteer, lend an extra hand, and go the extra mile to better Paso for all. Each month, the Chamber celebrates one of these outstanding community members. Then, once a year, the organization recognizes one person who has truly made a difference to enhance our town for all to enjoy. Nominate an upstanding citizen of Paso Robles for Roblan of the year by submitting the form on the next page by Wednesday, December 11.

- Must have been a past Roblan of the Month
- Significant contribution to Paso Robles through community service, community action, philanthropy, and other ongoing community outreach
- The nominee must have lived in the greater Paso Robles area for at least five (5) years
- Community involvement must not be based solely upon their contributions of employment-related responsibilities

- Have a variety of supporters write letters or sign one letter on the nominee's behalf documenting their service and dedication to Paso Robles