CORE Kids Incubator Program Volunteer Application
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Thank you for your interest in CORE Kids Incubator. This program was inspired by Yuniverse Foundation and offers an opportunity to build leadership, teamwork, entrepreneurial, and marketing skills for youth grades 8-12. This is a fantastic college resume builder! Youth will be mentored by a group of young professionals from the Emerging Leaders Institute of Leadership Fairfax with an assigned goal to run a shoe drive for CORE Foundation. The program entails working together to create a pitch, marketing campaign and actually conducting a recycled shoe drive. Participants will optionally be invited to present their experience at Leadership Fairfax. Meetings will be conducted January - April in small groups to accommodate busy schedules. Volunteer hours expectations are 4-5 hours per month. Service hour credit will be given for time spent on the project.
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We very much appreciate you submitting your application for this Emerging Leaders opportunity to participate in the CORE Kids Incubator program. Please stay tuned to your email for our reply.