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I am interested in the following volunteer opportunities (select all that apply)

Winter - Maple Syrup Festival, John R. Park Homestead
Winter - Detroit River Canadian Cleanup (DRCC) Film Screening, Windsor
Spring - Bi-national Detroit River Cleanup, various Windsor
Spring - Earth Day Celebration, Malden Park
Spring - Earth Day Celebration Community Tree Planting, Ganatchio Trail
Spring - Additional Community Tree Planing, various sites
Spring - Shorebird Celebration, Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
Spring - Essex Children's Water Festival
Spring/Summer - Garlic Mustard Pull, John R. Park Homestead and Project Purple (Purple Loosestrife), Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
Summer - Explore the Shore Festival, John R. Park Homestead
Summer - Lost Arts Festival, John R. Park Homestead
Fall - Hawk Festival, Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Fall - Open Streets, Windsor
Fall - Tree Measuring and Citizen Science Workshop, various
Fall - Essex Region Conservation Bike Tour, various
Fall - TD Tree Days, Leamington & Windsor
Fall - Harvest & Horses Festival, John R. Park Homestead
Fall - Seed Collection, various
Fall/Winter - Super Santa Run, Amherstburg
Winter - Christmas in the Country, John R. Park Homestead
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I am interested in a more in-depth / long-term volunteer experience (select all that apply):
Youth Environment Ambassadors - YEA Team is a group of youth 16-29 who are willing to work with ERCA for a 1-2 year term on a wide range of environmental projects and initiatives
How-To-Crew works with ERCA staff as the 'behind the scenes' tree planting team. Everyone works together to flag the site in advance, set up planting equipment, unload trees and provide support to event guests who need a refresher on how to plant
Friends of the Homestead - there are so many ways to get involved including events at the JRPH, in the garden, around the farm, etc
Friends of Watersheds are community based organisations that improve our natural environment by cleaning up watercourses, planting trees within their local watersheds, and educating residents on various stewardship issues and topics

Do you have skills, hobbies, musical talents or other interests that you might wish to share with others?


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The personal information on this form is collected by ERCA and used to determine eligibility for a volunteer placement. Questions about this collection can be directed to Human Resources.
Note: It is ERCA's policy that volunteers produce Police Record Checks for people applying for specific volunteer positions located in areas that would deal with children and/or vulnerable adults. Volunteers being considered for any of these positions will be required to complete a Police Record Check (Vulnerable Sector Check) prior to being accepted into any volunteer position.
For ERCA volunteers and those who are on placements the minimum age is 16 years for the majority of ERCA work environments.
If individuals are doing the volunteer work out of a sense of civic pride, for community or charitable purposes, they are not covered under WSIB. Consequently, ERCA cannot apply for Workplace Safety & Insurance benefits for its volunteers. Student and employment placements will be required to provide proof of WSIB coverage in advance of the individual commencing their placement with ERCA. 

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