Survey - Is San Francisco Quality of Life Dying?
Please take this short survey. We want to know what our community thinks about these issues.  If you are inspired to get involved, we welcome your help.

Effective Intervention: Many people labeled homeless are addicted to substances, physically or mentally ill, and need proven effective intervention to reenter society and avoid recidivism.

We need to change the label: It's not simply a "Homelessness Crisis", it's an addiction and mental health crisis.

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Effective Intervention: City government must invest in controlled-environment rehab centers and correctional facilities where people can be entered for sufficient lengths of time to provide comprehensive substance addiction and mental health treatment.  Upon intervention completion, ongoing post-treatment resources must be readily available such as counseling and maintenance medication (i.e. methadone, naltrexone) to facilitate the transition back into society.

Get those in need of shelter and services somewhere where they can be really helped long term, not just moved around town.
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Enforcement: San Franciscans want enforcement of basic laws that bind our society together, encourage civility toward each other, and make our public areas safer.  

Our DA's office and the SFPD must be held accountable to enforce the laws and prosecute criminal behavior and not just give a citation to repeat offenders of non-violent crimes such as car break-ins and shoplifting.
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Enforcement: State Proposition 47 converted some felonies into misdemeanors and allows repeat offenders to continue breaking the law with little consequence.  Simply put by an SFPD officer recently, "With Prop 47, we bring in people caught breaking the law (car break-ins, shoplifting, etc) and then they only get their hands slapped and are put right back out on the street where they continue their criminal behavior. This results in a huge amount of repeat offenders who really have little to lose because of Prop 47."

There are unintended consequences of Proposition 47 and it should be amended.

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Political Will: Fixing San Francisco's problems is tough work with hard choices, but that's what law-abiding citizens expect from their city government and police departments.

We want our San Francisco elected representatives to focus on enforcement of crimes and implement effective intervention for the homeless who are addicted to substances or suffer from mental illness.
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Political Will: Other large cities have restored troubled streets to vibrant, safe communities. Why not San Francisco?

Elected officials must research and implement tough, compassionate projects that actually work; that really save lives; that have the addicted reenter society, get jobs, have families and safely use maintenance medication.
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There are proven solutions in other communities.  Please help to ensure San Francisco's elected and appointed representatives LISTEN to their constituents and DO what is both compassionate and truly effective!

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