Fire Within sponsored by Embark Credit Union Nomination Form
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Thank you for nominating a woman business* owner to receive the 2020 Fire Within Award! Women in business less than five years will be automatically entered as Aspire Candidates. Women in business five years or longer will be automatically entered as Inspire Candidates.
Nominations will close on January 31, 2020.  The Fire Within will be on March, 26, 2020.

*Businesses must be for-profit

If you have any questions, please call Jolene at 406.750.4481.
Here is the list of previous honorees, note Aspire Winners can be nominated as Inspire Winners. 

INSPIRE Award Hall of Fame
2011: Cari Yturri, Bennett Motors
2012: Sandra Johnson-Thares, O'Haire Motor Inn
2013: Alison Fried, Dragonfly Dry Goods
2014: Penny Rubner, Penny's Gourmet to Go
2015: Linda McPherson, Montana Academy of Salons
2016: Katy Duncan, Happy Tails Lodge
2017: Beth Leatham, Bighorn Outdoor Specialists 
2018: Dianne Meinhardt, Cogswell Insurance/MAA
2019: Kari Lane Johnson, My Viola Floral Studio

ASPIRE Award Hall of Fame
2011: Cindy Ceiluch, Cindy Ceiluch Photorgraphy 
2012: Kari Lane Johnson, My Viola Floral Studio
2013: Tracy Perry, The Blue Rose 
2014: Janet Neil, Bert and Ernie's
2015: Amber Fern, Fern Photography
2016: Heidi Reiste, Electric City Coffee
2017: Kattie Meyer, Motifs for the Home
2018: Yve Bardwell and Maggie Carr, Dropstone Outfitting
2019: Susan Crocker, The Good Wood Guys

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Tell us about the Nominee's Professional Achievements. For scoring purposes these include: peer recognition received, certifications/training obtained, awards earned, industry accomplishments/accreditations, etc. 

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Tell us about the Nominee's Business Leadership. For scoring purposes we will look at: quality of empowerment - Do they offer benefits? How competitive are their wages? Do they offer unique benefits or flexibility? Do they offer training and professional development for their team? What do they do better in managing their business than others/competitors? 

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Tell us about the nominee's positive impact in the success of their business. For scoring purposes we would like to consider: Are their sales increasing? By what percentage? How is their employee turnover - how long are employees typically retained? How many years in business? 


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Tell us how the nominee's business has impacted the community. Do they mentor other business owners? Do they give time and resources to non-obligitory causes? 

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Why should this nominee win the Fire Within Award? 


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