2020 Stewardship Renewal - My Gift of Service
When completing this commitment card, please use a separate submission for each participating family member.  If under, 18, please put parents' name(s) in the family name field.

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God calls us to be generous with our gifts of talent.  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  Love requires that we act in the best interests of others.  How can you serve others by your involvement in one of the many ministries or groups in our Faith Community?  When you sign up for a ministry or group, the ministry leader will contact you to explain how to become involved.

Please indicate the ministries you would like to be involved in.  For a complete description of ministries and volunteer opportunities, please refer to the 2020 Ministry Catalog which is available at the parish offices or on our websites (www.LittletonCatholic.org  or www.StCatherineParish.org).  Go to the "Stewardship" tab then select "2020 Renewal."

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Are you currently involved in a ministry or group in our Faith Community?  Please list those here:

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