2020 Inspiration Award Nomination
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Help us choose the 2020 Inspiration Award winners! Cast your nomination for a student or tutor who inspires you! Nominations will be collected through Friday, January 31st.

It is our intention to ensure our award selection committee is able to make an unbiased decision when selecting awardees. Names and some personal details will be changed to insert anonymity into the selection process.
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First, tell us your full name.


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How would you like to be contacted? Please list your preferred contact information so that we can notify you if your nominee is chosen as a finalist.


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Please select the most appropriate award type for your nomination.
Student of Inspiration - ABE (basic reading, writing, and math)
Student of Inspiration - ASE (GED & HSED)
Student of Inspiration - ELL (speaking, writing, and reading English)
Tutor of Inspiration - (any program area, must have volunteered during 2019)
Alumnae/Alumnus of Inspiration (any program area, must have completed program before January 1st, 2019)
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Tell us about your nominee! Along with their name, please provide a short bio that illustrates both struggles and achievements as well as background information (educational and/or career goals, record of attendance, involvement in children's school, community involvement, etc.) to give the selection committee a good idea of the nominee's character and journey.


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Need more space to write? Please use this area to continue your narrative or add additional thoughts.  

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Please list any other information that you believe would be valuable for the selection committee.

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Thank you for participating and providing your nomination. You are encouraged to revisit this page to submit additional nominations for other individuals. Please do not nominate the same person more than once.