Sol Hot Yoga Studio Request for Membership Information
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What (or who) brought you to Sol?  Why hot yoga?  Why now?  Why practice with Sol?


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Required 2.

What are your health & wellness goals?

Please specify the goals and/or reasons you attribute to a yoga practice.  For example, you might list many of the health benefits attributable to hot yoga (e.g., weight loss, increased flexibility & balance, reduce high blood pressure, learn to meditate).


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If you had a personal coach, please rank the following in terms of their importance.

(1 = Most important))
General exercise
Physiology & anatomy of exercises
1-on-1 sessions
Group sessions with Q&A time
Group exercise with time to socialize before/after
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Required 4.
On average over the last month, how many hours/week do you workout?
I don't workout at all
Less than 1 hour per week
Between 1-3 hours per week
Between 5-7 hours per week
Over 10 hours per week
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Required 5.
If you workout, where do you exercise? (Click all that apply)
In home
Outside (run, bike, walk, etc.)
Gym (weights & cardio)
Yoga studio
Crossfit and/or HIIT gym
Spin classes
Required 6.
Are you interested in a Private or Group workshop to gain a better understanding of yoga postures, the Sol practice, and the opportunity to ask specific questions about yoga?
Which of the following social media sites do you use at least once per week? Please select all that apply.
Required 8.
Do you currently have a budget for fitness, health, and wellness?
Yes (If yes, please enter your average monthly budget in the block below.)
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Required 9.
Do you currently have a gym or fitness membership?
Yes (If yes, please provide the type of membership & amount you pay per month in the space below.)
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Required 10.
Are you currently seeing a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other health care professional on a regular basis?
Yes (If yes, please use the block below to tell us a little bit about what type of care you're receiving.)
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Please tell us how many total hours per week you are willing to commit in order to achieve your health & wellness goals?


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Required 12.
Of your total hours per week, how many hours per week are you committed to practicing yoga in order to achieve your health & wellness goals?

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Required 13.
In addition to hot yoga, what other tactics are you willing to practice in order to achieve your health & wellness goals?
Cardio (swim, bike, run)
Diet & Nutrition
Quit bad habit(s)
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Required 14.
Please tell us your age.
Under 18
18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 and over
Prefer not to answer
Please tell us your gender.
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Please tell us about your marital status.
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Required 17.
Please provide your contact information. We will use your responses to provide you with recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals & stay within your budget.
By providing this information your are acknowledging that we will contact you regarding your results, and agreeing with this statement: "By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected."

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