Welcome to the Charity Finance Governance Survey.

The questionnaire is designed to give an insight into charity finance professionals' view charity governance and how it could be improved. Respondents will benefit from gaining an insight into their peers' opinions and see how their relationship with their board compares with the rest of the sector.

The information you provide will be reported only on an aggregated, non-attributable basis, so you need have no concerns about confidentiality.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is Monday 3 February.

The survey report will be published in the April issue of Charity Finance. Everybody who answers all the questions to the end will be sent a copy of the report.

Your assistance in this research is greatly valued. If you experience any problems along the way please call Civil Society Media on 020 7819 1200 or email contact@civilsociety.co.uk.

Thanks in advance
The Charity Finance team

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