ICP-OES Water Testing - 2020 Reader Survey

We want to hear from you! You are invited to have your personal experiences with ICP-OES water testing reflected in the pages of CORAL Magazine.

The editors of CORAL Magazine would like you to share your thoughts and/or experiences with ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry) water testing services that have become readily available to home aquarists in the last few years.

This survey consists of only 5 to 8 quick questions, and only one is *required*, the rest are all optional. The survey should only take a minute or two to complete; longer if you choose to offer any written responses.

Your views and insights are important to us, and they will help inform fellow readers and aquarists including those who have yet to experience ICP-OES technology in the reef hobby.

Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to furnish your name and other identifying information. Your free-form remarks may be published in a future issue of CORAL Magazine and/or its online content. This survey is being independently conducted by CORAL Magazine and is not connected to any ICP service provider. Readers' privacy is protected, as always.
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