Am Kolel Class Announcement and Survey
Adult Jewish Learning Starts in February

Who is a Jew? What is Judaism? Taught by Rabbi David Shneyer

Rabbi David will examine the evolution of Jewish identity from ancient times to the present day.
This course is relevant to both Jews and non-Jews who seek a better understanding of the how a people with roots in ancient times has survived the centuries amidst great adversity. The course is about those central ideas that have nurtured the spirit of the Jewish people and have provided a vision and pathway into the future.

Beginning February 3.
The class will meet on Monday evenings beginning February 3 and end April 6.
Location: TBA Rockville
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Suggested registration fee. $75 for members, $90 general public, $100 member couples, $150 general public.
Payable to Am Kolel, 19520 Darnestown Road, Beallsville MD 20839. Or on line at For more information call 301-349-2799.
Below is a quick survey about potential offerings from Am Kolel for the late winter/early spring. We appreciate your feedback!
Please let us know which of the following topics are of interest to you or comment below if there is another subject you would like to learn more about.
Jewish Ethics of Government
Introduction to Kabbalah and Jewish Contemplative Practices
Sexuality in Judaism
History of Zionism
Great Jewish Philosophers
Introduction to Midrash
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