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Working toward a water and food secure future is one the most pressing global challenges of our time. The 2020 Water for Food Global Conference will convene an exceptional gathering of top international experts, government leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers, industry executives, scientists, students, non-profit directors, media and others to address the complex and intertwined issues related to water and its sustainable use in providing food security. This will be the 10th global conference produced by the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska (DWFI). Sessions will explore topics such as advanced remote sensing technology to measure soil moisture and crop water needs, policies to improve water use efficiency, developing drought resistant crops and pro-active drought management, the public health aspects of water quality, improving the nutritional value of crops and livestock, and cultivating future leaders to pursue innovative solutions to ensuring water and food security.

Proposals are welcome from organizations that wish to host a session at the 2020 Water for Food Global Conference, Oct. 7-9, in Lincoln, Nebraska. By hosting a session, you engage a wide range of stakeholders in discussions and debate around a specific issue. DWFI encourages collaborations with other organizations to build partnerships and encourage a diversity of perspectives to the conference. Preference is given to sessions directly applicable to the conference theme and include cross-cultural, gender and experience diversity.
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Research and Technology Innovation
Policy/Management Tools and Best Practices
Capacity Development/Youth and Students
Water Quality and Public Health
Climate Change and Ecosystems
Women for Water and Food
Nutrition and Health
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Government Agencies
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Private Industry
Farm/Livestock Producers
Community/General Public
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Keynote Speaker
Moderated Panel
World Cafe (multiple topic tables)
Q and A
Multi-media (video, live podcast, artwork, performance)
Game or simulation
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60 minutes
90 minutes
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Open to Merging with a Similar Session?

Thank you for your proposal. Session organizers are responsible for providing the content and participating speakers for their session. Conference registration fees will be waived for speakers of the approved sessions; however, all session speakers are responsible for their own travel, accommodations and related expenses. 
Proposal Deadline: Friday, March 13, 2020. Approved sessions will be announced in April.