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Not a penny less for ECE!
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In June 2018 San Francisco passed Babies and Families First with 51% support, but access to funds is currently held up by a lawsuit. Babies and Families First is a progressive tax on rental receipts of commercial properties, with exemptions including small businesses, nonprofits and small retailers, and is projected to raise an estimated $120 million to expand early care and education services and raise compensation of ECE educators.

The court process may take years and meanwhile our youngest are going without services, and early educators and families are leaving the city as they wait for the promise of Babies and Families First to become real.

The city plans to restructure its gross receipts tax on the November 2020 ballot. We anticipate an opportunity to return to the ballot for our youngest children and those who care for them in this process-to ensure not one penny less for the Babies and Families First fund. We want to make sure that the end result honors what San Francisco voters already passed.

We will be inviting our elected Board of Supervisors to join us in taking a stand to support the will of the voters. Join us in asking our elected officials to sign this pledge and show the strength of our community in this struggle.

Endorsements will be shared with elected officials. ECE4All will keep you updated with information and actions relevant to Prop C/Babies and Families First.
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