TAHC Customer Service Survey
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The below category most closely describes me:
Ag teacher - FFA
AgriLife Extension Agent
Beef Cattle or Bison Industry
Dairy Industry
Equine Industry
Exotic / Cervid Industry
Feedlot Industry
Livestock Market Industry
Poultry Industry
Sheep and Goat Industry
Swine Industry
Government - Federal
Government - State or Local
Stock Show or Rodeo
Veterinarian - In Texas
Veterinarian - Out of State
My race / ethnicity is: (Select all that apply)
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latina/Latino
Native American or Alaskan Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
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My age:
Under 18
18-30 years
31-45 years
46-59 years
60-75 years
75 years or older
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My gender:
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