Growing Grant Application 2020
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Bringing Landscaping to Your Project in a Meaningful Way

As a fourth-generation landscaping and garden center business, Dennis' 7 Dees continues to grow and service our neighbors in the Portland metro area and the northern coast. Along with our passion for plants, we cherish community, education, environment, and safety. We are dedicated to exploring new ways in which we can support our deep, long-standing relationship with the community and help our neighbors grow along with us. That's why we've established the Growing Grant.

The Growing Grant is our way of giving back to our community in 2020. It is available for non-profit organizations with projects that focus on education and/or food systems and security. This grant includes labor, plants, and material for landscaping an outdoor space; it is NOT a monetary donation. Although we recognize that this program is not ideal for everyone's needs, we feel this is how we can make the most impact.

For consideration, please apply by August 31, 2020.
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