Panasonic EverVolt Certification Quiz
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Thank you for choosing to participate in the
EverVolt certification program!

 This quiz is designed for experienced installers (PV and licensed electricians) who have attended our live-training / webinars and are interested to expand their business with EverVolt. In addition to the training and webinars, we recommend using the resources given on the EverVolt website  to answer the following questions.

Please note:

- Scoring 100% on this quiz is mandatory to become an EverVolt certified installer
- Certification is obtained on an individual basis
- All EverVolt installations must be conducted and/or monitored by an EverVolt certified installer to receive warranty on the system. Warranty will not be granted for systems installed by non-certified installers
- There is no time limit on this quiz and it will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete
- You may retake the quiz as many times as needed to receive your certification 
- After passing, a confirmation email will be sent along with a certificate and certified logo. 

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