JOHN P. BURKE MEMORIAL POOL - Woodbury Parks and Recreation Community Survey
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Everyone is experiencing challenges in ways we've never seen before. After the pandemic, there will be a new normal. We hope everyone is well and is planning for that day. In Woodbury, we are keeping the process of re-opening our parks going so that when we reach that new norm, all our parks will be ready. 

One of the unique amenities of our community is our beloved John P. Burke Memorial Pool.

In order to address the immediate needs of the pool so that we can reopen it as quickly as possible, the Town Board has held numerous work sessions to discuss and address the size, design, and cost of the pool.

The Town Board and Parks and Recreation Committee seek to include Woodbury residents in the pool selection process. The community will be provided with concept design pool options, costs, and projected tax impact for residents depending on house value. Please review this information prior to completing the survey. 

After reviewing the information, we ask that you complete the survey below. Your input is valuable and we appreciate in advance the time you commit to this process. 

Please complete this survey on, or before, May 18, 2020 at 12 pm. No other survey entries will be accepted beyond this time.

The Town Board seeks to use this survey to consider the size of the pool that will be selected to replace the existing pool.  The results of this survey will be shared with the community.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts in the survey below. Thank you.

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How important is it to you that the John P. Burke Memorial Pool in Woodbury re-opens?
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How supportive are you of the Town Board replacing the existing John P. Burke Memorial Pool with a properly engineered and built community pool?

Strongly Support Somewhat Support Do Not Support         
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Based on how you answered question number 3 please expand on your response if needed.


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How do you want to hear from us about updates relating to the pool project? (check all that apply)
Public Meetings
Town of Woodbury website
Social Media
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Currently, there are (3) three concept designs provided by the Town Board to replace the existing pool. The cost of the pool is directly related to the size shown in the concept designs. Although this is not a formal vote, your input will guide the Town Board on the preferred size of the pool and best bond amount to request.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Projected Annual Tax Increase Range is an estimate based on the market value of the home. If a home is valued higher than values used in the cost matrix, the range may be higher)

* note: there is no Pool Number 2.

POOL #1: 11,634 sq. feet pool/ 238 bathers; $3.5 million dollars: Projected Annual Tax Increase Range $32 - $90 dollars; (depends on house value)
POOL #3: 13,320 sq. feet pool/ 277 bathers: $4.5 million dollars: Projected Annual Tax Increase Range : $42 - $115 (depends on house value)
POOL # 4: 20,690 sq. feet pool/ 430 bathers; $8.5 million dollars; Projected Annual Tax Increase Range: $77 - $215 (depends on house value)
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Required 7.

Once the pool size is selected, a water slide could be added at an additional cost. The cost of a slide is not included in the current cost projections at this time. How important is it to have a water slide at the pool? 

Strongly support
Somewhat support
I would like a slide but not this year.
Do Not Support
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Required 8.
The pool size selected has tax implications which are dependent on the assessed values of your home. If all things were normal, how concerned would you be about the tax implications?
Very concerned
Somewhat concerned
Not concerned
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Required 9.

The park will be made handicap accessible. In addition, while these changes are going forward, work/enhancements are being considered. Would you support other improvements. If so, use the comment section to provide improvement ideas. 

Strongly support.
Somewhat support.
Do not support.
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Required 10.
If you support additional improvements, would you prefer to have them completed with the new pool or phased over several years?
I prefer doing everything all at once.
I prefer them to be phased over the a period of time.
I don't support additional improvements.
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Required 11.

If Woodbury is the location of your residential property, please choose one of the responses below.

I own my residential property and it is my primary residence.
I rent the residence in which I reside. This is my primary residence.
I own the residence, but I no longer live in Woodbury.
I live in Woodbury part of the year.
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How often do you visit the John P. Memorial Pool during the summer?

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Do you beleive that the John P. Burke Memorial Pool enhances the value of your home in Woodbury?

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