IACTP Awards of Excellence in Correctional Training Nomination Form
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Each year IACTP recognizes excellence within the field of correctional training and performance improvement. Please complete this online form to submit an individual or program for one of the IACTP Awards of Excellence in Correctional Training. Selected nominees will be honored at the annual IACTP National Trainers Conference.
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Please select the category for your award nomination.

Specialized Topics Award - given for high quality training in a particular course, program or subject.
Innovative Approaches Award - given for high quality training which advances the state of the art in correctional training.
Training System Award - given for high quality training throughout an entire system or training department.
Commercial Program Award - given for a high quality training offered by a commercial vendor.
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Name of Program, Agency, or Individual Being Nominated.

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Name of Person Submitting the Nomination.


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    Nomination Details
    To be eligible for any of the awards, please respond to the following five questions in a total of 1,000 words or less. The questions should guide but not limit your response. Do not attach any supplemental material to your responses.
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Describe the program. 
What challenges/problems does the program address? What are the primary purposes, clients, methods? In what ways does the program represent a creative departure from previous practice?


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Describe the results of the program. 
What has the innovation accomplished? To what degree has the program achieve its goals? Cite any evidence that supports your claims. Have there been unexpected results?


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Describe the beneficiaries of the program.
What are the primary clients of the program? How m any clients does the program currently serve?


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Discuss the transferability of the program.
How were challenges to the program overcome? What obstacles would others confront in replicating the program? Has the program been replicated?


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Detail the budget for the program. 
How is the program funded? Provide details of any unusual financial features. Were funds saved as a result of the program? If yes, how?


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Who is contact person for this program, if different from person making nomination? Please provide person's name, job title, agency, phone number, and email.  If it is the same person as making nomination, then please write "SAME" in the text box. Thank you.

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