2020 YRSA MATCH OFFICIAL Code of Conduct
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In consideration of representing the York Region Soccer Association by accepting to participate as a Match Official I agree to the following:
a) To follow all of the rules as set by the York Region Soccer Association described and communicated by the district office, but not limited to, the YRSA Referee Policy Manual as published annually and available on the website at http://www.yrsa.ca/ref-docs.html.
 b) To be aware that the York Region Soccer Association can implement any changes to the policies without any prior notice within any time period, and it will be my responsibility to keep up to date with any changes.
c) To be accountable for any misconduct associated with the rules and procedures but not limited to OSA Referee Code of Conduct, OSA Referee Conflict of Interest, Referee Game Fees and Cancelled Games, Referee Uniform, Referee Selection of Games and Registration, Responsibilities of Game Appointments, YRSA Discipline Policies.
d) To abide by the rules, policies, and procedures as set out by the YRSA, in order to officiate the games assigned by the YRSA, while non-compliance will lead to my removal from the District selected and assigned games.
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Acknowledgement: I acknowledge that I have read and understood this agreement, and accept my responsibilities as outlined and that I will agree to abide by these guidelines.