Regional Business Impact Survey - COVID 19
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GSI, West Plains Chamber, Greater Spokane Valley Chamber, Downtown Spokane Partnership and Visit Spokane are concerned about you and your business as we are all navigating uncharted waters with COVID-19.

Our goal is to understand and capture your business needs so we can be helpful in providing visibility into the vast array of resources being established as we speak at the local, state and federal levels. In addition, we strive to help coordinate informational resources between our government and our local business community, share information and provide assistance to help maneuver through these times. 

We are being asked to surface business impacts to our local, state and federal partners. We will use your survey responses in that effort. In addition, we want to be able to direct you to resources if they are available.  

Thank you for participating in this confidential survey, which should take 5-10 minutes to complete.
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What is the primary business activity conducted by your company?  Please select only one. 
Food Services
Professional Services
Financial Services
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How many full and part time employees do you have working in your organization in the Spokane region?
Single employee
more than 500
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What has been the immediate impact of COVID-19-related issues on your business? Select all that apply. 
Financial hardship
Cancellation of events/gatherings
Employee with school-age children
Lack of child care due to COVID-19
Voluntary/involuntary work-from-home implemented
Impacts to travel
Required 5.
How do you currently feel about your organization's ability to weather through this COVID-19 event?  Select the answer that most closely aligns with your feeling.
Confident - Our organization has a solid plan in place.
Tentative - While our organization has a plan, a long-term disruption could be problematic
Worried - Our organization is working through it, but don't have written policies/plans for much of what is occurring.
Under duress - Our organization needs assistance and support.
Required 6.
What internal changes have you made to employee policies, business processes, etc. to manage through these times? Select all that apply.  In the comment section, please tell us which policies or processes you have changed and how you have changed them.  
Practicing social distancing
Cancelled meetings/gatherings or moved them virtually
Employees are working from home on current/new work
Used or established special policies/procedures
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Required 7.
How are you changing your business or marketing strategies to strengthen your business in anticipation of a downturn? Select all that apply.
Changing or enhancing product lines
Slowing or halting production
Expanding marketing/necessary product
Supply issues are preventing us from being able to serve customers
Required 8.
Do you need assistance finding or connecting to the local, state and federal resources available to you during the COVID-19 crisis? 
Yes, please point us in the right direction
No, we've got it covered
Required 9.
Would you like to be included in a weekly impact call with local business that might help you navigate through this pandemic?  
Required 10.
May a task force team member  contact you to follow up regarding your confidential responses to this questionnaire in order to respond to your concerns in a beneficial way?