COVID-19 Resources Survey
Where are you getting information about COVID-19?

List your top 3 resources (i.e. TV/station, Chattanooga Times Free Press, your personal Facebook feed, the New York Times, etc.) 

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The Chamber has been focusing on small business resources here and keeping you updated through social media and e-newsletters. 

What information do you need most?

Business continuity planning
Health and safety for employees/customers
Training and resources on how to conduct virtual meetings
How to work through any new government programs (i.e. those that might offer short-term assistance for employees/customers)

What pro bono help might your company be able to offer other companies in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis? (i.e. how to apply to any new federal/state/local programs that may be offered; how to conduct virtual meetings).

Be sure to include an appropriate contact we can reach out to. 


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Aside from ideas like purchasing gift cards and leaving larger tips, what suggestions do you have for supporting small businesses during this time?


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