Effingham County Coronavirus Survey
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Name of Business

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Is your business or organization being impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak thus far?
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If yes how (Select all that apply)
Supply chain disruptions
Significant increase in consumer demand for certain items
Decrease in consumer demand
Event cancellations/order cancellations
Workforce impacts and uncertainty
Concerns about workers becoming ill
Watching spending closely due to uncertainty
Need to adjust work schedules and locations
Required 4.
What specific actions is your business or organization taking to address this issue? (check all that apply)
Nothing, business as usual
Placing restrictions on in person meetings or travel
Preparing for remote work options
Preparing for workforce layoffs
Reviewing/updating sick/paid leave policies
Preparing to suspend or significantly curtail operations
Surveying our employees about their ability to work in certain situations
Required 5.
How can the Effingham Chamber of Commerce best help your business navigate this situation? (check all that apply):
Online education and discussion with my peers
Participating in problem solving groups or committees
Financial information & support
Working to innovate together and find new ways to support local businesses/commerce
I don't need any help
Required 6.
In what additional ways can the Effingham Chamber support your business or organization over the next few months?
Connecting me to a mentor/advisor who can help me navigate this
Helping me mitigate workforce challenges/find more workers during disruptions
Provide information about loans/financial support for my business or organization
Helping me find more ways to sell my product/service online
Nothing, you're already providing the resources I need
Would you be interested in providing volunteer support if needed in the community?
Yes, please let me know.
No, I am not able to at this time.

Share Your Story: How is the Coronavirus pandemic affecting you and your business, directly or indirectly? (Responses are optional, and may be made public by the chamber of commerce.)


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