Kittitas County Business Feedback Regarding COVID-19
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The Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce and partners would like to determine the unique challenges facing Kittitas County businesses, both large and small. In an effort to capture this information, we ask that you please complete the included survey and offer additional comments wherever needed to help us learn how to better serve you during this time. 

A response team has been created to review the results in order to implement support services. If you have questions contact Amy McGuffin, CEO of the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce at 
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What is your level of concern regarding COVID-19 impacts on your business?
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What are your areas of concern resulting from impacts of COVID-19? Please select all that apply
Supply chain/inventory concerns
Supportive services cancellations (lodging, events, groups, dining, services, etc)
Cash flow (accounts receivable, contracts, sales, etc)
Employee reductions (layoffs, absences, etc.)
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What operational practices have you implemented in response to COVID-19? Check all that apply.
Expanded sanitation measures (additional cleaning, sanitizers, etc.)
Revised cancellation policies (for bookings, sales, refunds, etc.)
Employee communications on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Implemented a COVID-19 response plan for suspected cases
Mandated telecommuting
Customer communications related to COVID-19
Canceled or rescheduled events
Canceled or rescheduled business travel
Due to COVID-19, what new practices, procedures, & changes have you implemented to keep your product or service available to customers?

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Due to COVID-19, what needs do you have that are most critical to your business?
Immediate resources, help or assistance to keep my business (doors) open
Resources for employee support
Resources regarding supply chain and trade disruption
Regular updates concerning COVID-19 from local, state and federal sources
What is one thing you'd like to see implemented to minimize impact to your business during this time?  


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Please add any other information you would like to share with your economic development partners

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We would love to talk to you one-on-one. Would you like to be contacted by the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce? 

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