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The Chamber is focused on continuing to build the resiliency of our business community through the challenges posed by COVID-19. See business supports + resources HERE.

We know you're worried about your employees, your business, and your family. We are here to support you. If you have questions, please contact us so we can connect you with resources. 
Your answers remain confidential/anonymous, but we will post the overall survey results HERE.
Required 1.
Where is your business located?
City of Leduc
Nisku/Leduc County
Edmonton International Airport
City of Wetaskiwin
County of Wetaskiwin
Town of Millet
City of Beaumont
Town of Calmar
Town of Thorsby/Village of Warburg
Town of Devon
Required 2.
What impacts from COVID-19 is your business seeing? (Check all that apply)
A decrease in revenues
Employee absences due to voluntary self-isolation or caring for a loved one
Employee absences due to childcare requirements, ie: daycare/school closures
Cancellations of work-related meetings/events
Encouraging/mandating staff to work from home
Employee lay-offs
Disruptions in the supplies we depend on
Disruptions to moving/shipping our own goods
Have temporarily closed the business to the public
Gone/going out of business
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Required 3.
How many staff do you usually employ (prior to COVID-19)?

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Required 4.
How many staff do now employ?

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Required 5.
What industry sector is your business in?

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Is there anything else you can share about the current and future impacts of  COVID-19 on your business?


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What do you think is missing from the latest federal and provincial government response actions (linked below)? 


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