LACC Member Survey
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The Lake Area Chamber of Commerce would like to hear from you!  We are focused on our member needs and welcome your feedback so we can learn how to best assist during this time of change. We have also been contacted by the Governor's Emergency Task Force on the current impact of COVID-19 in our community thus far. Please take a moment to complete the survey in effort to gather information to better assist not only our members but the task force designed to support our community. Thank you in advance!
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Has your business or organization been affected by COVID-19 thus far?
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What specific actions is your business or organization taking to address the concern of spreading the virus?
Nothing, business as usual
Restrictions on In-Person Meetings and Travel
Preparing to work remotely
Preparing for lay-offs
Other, please explain
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We are identifying ways we can best support our members during this unique situation. This includes evaluating upcoming events, providing information and best practices, as well as providing resources and solutions to meet our members current needs. How can the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce best support you during this time of change? (please select all that apply)
Setting up virtual meetings
Provide workforce resources
Financial Resources
I don't need any help
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IS THERE SOMETHING WE CAN PROMOTE FOR YOU? Please tell us what you're doing to continue offering your service with the new recommendations and restrictions in place! **Please list your business name in the comment box as your survey response submits anonymously. 


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