OUT Georgia COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey
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OUT Georgia Business Alliance is teaming with Georgia Equality to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Georgia's LGBTQ+ and allied business community.

Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey to help OUT Georgia and Georgia Equality advocate on your behalf regarding relief resources and to support your organization during this time of need.
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What is the primary business activity conducted by your company? (Select only one.)
Arts & Entertainment
Athletics & Recreation
Financial Services
Food Services
Personal Services: Hair, Nails, Makeup, etc.
Professional Services
Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs
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How many full and part time employees do you have working in your organization in the immediate area?
Sole Proprieter/Self Employed
More than 500
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What has been the immediate impact of COVID-19-related issues on your business? (Select all that apply.)
Financial hardship
Cancellation of events/gatherings
Employee(s) with school age children unable to work
Lack of child care due to COVID-19
Voluntary/involuntary work-from-home
Impacts to travel
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What is the current status of your business or organization? (Select all that apply.)
Providing delivery services
Providing curbside services
Temporarily closed
Working remotely
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Is there something about your business or organization you would like for us to share with our members directly or through our social media platforms?

(If not, just enter "n/a".) 

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How do you currently feel about your organization's ability to weather through the COVID-19 event? Select the answer that most closely aligns with how you feel.
Confident - Our organization has a solid plan in place.
Tentative - While our organization has a plan, a long-term disruption could be problematic.
Worried - Our organization is working through it, but don't have written policies/plans for much of what is occurring.
Under duress - Our organization needs assistance and support.
Required 8.
What internal changes have you made to employee policies, business processes, etc. to manage through these times?
(Select all that apply.)

In the comment section, please tell us about any other policies or processes you have changed and how you have changed them.
Practicing social distancing
Cancelled meetings/gatherings
Holding meetings/gatherings virtually
Employees are working from home on current/new work
Established special policies/procedures
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How are you changing your business or marketing strategies to strengthen your business in anticipation of a downturn? (Select all that apply.)
Changing or enhancing product lines
Slowing or halting production
Expanding marketing
Expanding necessary product
Supply issues are preventing us from being able to serve customers
Required 10.
Do you need assistance finding or connecting to the local, state and federal resources available to you during the COVID-19 crisis?
Yes, please point us in the right direction.
No, we've got it covered
Required 11.
We are creating new programs, content, and delivery methods. What topics and/or resources would be most helpful to you at this time?  

(If you don't know at this time just enter "n/a". Feel free to contact OUT Georgia if you think of something in the future.) 


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What else would you like to share with us about the impact of COVID-19 on your business? 


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Would you like to receive weekly (or more frequently as needed) updates that might help you navigate through this pandemic?
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May we contact you to follow up on your responses to this survey?