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Since last week (3/16) the impact of COVID-19 on my business is:

About the same
No impact at all
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How is your business being impacted? (Select all that apply)

Supply Chain Disruptions
Significant increase in consumer demand for certain items
Decrease in consumer demand
Event cancellations/order cancellations
Loss of employees/talent
Anticipating future impacts due to closures/delays
Employee well-being
Watching spending closely due to uncertainty
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As concerns of this virus spreading grow, what specific actions is your business or organization taking to address this issue? (check all that apply)

Nothing, business as usual
Preparing for remote work options
Preparing for workforce layoffs
Preparing to suspend or significantly curtail operations
Required 5.

To maintain customer base, my business is (select all that apply):

Offering online promotions/discounts
Investing in marketing campaigns
Contacting key customers to maintain relationships
Partnering with other local bsuinesses
Required 6.

In what ways can the Douglas County Chamber support your business or organization over the next few months?

Having a dedicated person for resource referrals/continuity plan support
Help mitigating workforce challenges (furloughs, limited workforce, etc.) /hire more workers during disruptions
Provide information about loans/financial support for my business or organization
Assistance finding more ways to sell our products/services online
Nothing, you're already providing the resources I need
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May we share your info with our board and appropriate community members?