Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce/Toledo SBDC Assistance Survey
We know most of our members are experiencing challenges due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus outbreak. Share the impact on your company here to help us better serve your needs.

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce is closely monitoring the changing developments of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact on our region and our Members. Please share any business, economic and/or financial challenges your organization is experiencing due to the outbreak. This information will help us to better advocate for members as we communicate with local, state and federal government officials who are making decisions that will affect you and your business.

Is your company considered an essential business or supply chain related business?

Not sure

How are your business operations being impacted by Covid-19 (coronavirus)? (Check all that apply)

We are experiencing increased customer demand.
We are experiencing decreased customer demand.
Our supply chain is interrupted.
The market is causing us to draw on our line of credit.
We are starting to restrict spending because of the uncertainty.
We are making other changes to the way we operate. (Briefly explain in the comment box below.)
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How are your employees being impacted by Covid-19 (coronavirus)? (Check all that apply)

We are adjusting our hours.
Some of our employees are working remotely.
All of our employees are working remotely.
May need to invest in more AI/technology tools to keep workflow stable.
We have closed our business at this time due to staffing.
We have closed our business at this time due to government mandates.
Employees are being laid off due to Covid-19 impact.
We may have to make staffing changes in the near future due to Covid-19 impact.
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Currently, what are your biggest community concerns about Covid-19? (Check all that apply)

Public health overall.
The impact on our medical and healthcare professionals and systems.
The mental health impact on our employees and community.
The impact on local and small businesses.
The impact on the market.
The long-term impact on our community.
The long-term impact on the United States economy.
The long-term impact on our global economy.
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Which of these areas are your most pressing concerns for your business/organization? (Please select only your top 5 choices)
Business continuity plan help
Financial - Debt relief
Financial - Insurance for employees
Financial - Payroll expenses
Financial - Rent/lease/mortgage expenses
Financial - Revenue/cash flow
Financial - Taxes (Property, liquor, etc.)
Financial - Utility expenses (i.e. electric, water, phones, etc.)
Financial - Vehicle expenses
Equipment needed (i.e. food storage, tech to move processes online, etc.)
HR (i.e. medical insurance, layoffs, policies)
Vendor supply chain problems
Employee well-being
If you anticipate needing financial assistance for your business right now, what do you currently estimate the financial impact of Covid-19 being on your business?
Do not anticipate needing financial assistance for my business.
Anticipate needing up to $100,000 in financial assistance for my business.
Anticipate needing $100,000-$250,000 in financial assistance for my business.
Anticipate needing $250,000-$500,000 in financial assistance for my business.
Anticipate needing more than $500,000 in financial assistance for my business.
Concerned my business may not be able to sustain or overcome this financing challenge.
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has an Economic Injury Disaster Loan program which can provide up to $2 million to help meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had this disaster not occurred.

Have you applied for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan?
Yes, I have applied.
I have tried to apply, but I have had issues.
No, I have not applied.
My business/organization does not qualify.
I was not aware of this program.
If yes, please share your feedback on the application process.

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Which of the following have you contacted about deferring your current payment obligations:

Bank loans

 Have you been asked to defer payments by your customers/receivables?

What kind of economic/business research, information, news, or health notices would be most valuable for us to be sharing with you at this time?

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What kind of assistance, programming, initiatives or other resources could our local, state or federal government, our community, or the Chamber provide for you at this time?


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