Let's support our Smalls, to thank those answering the Calls!
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Local Dining for Heroes Front Lining:


Thank you for your interest in participating in "Let's Send Local Dining to the Heroes Front Lining".  Please let us know a little about your firm.  Some important information:

Instructions for Restaurants:
Please let us know how much advance time you need to prepare an order?  

As we bundle the purchases for your restaurant, it will be easier to have a set menu of meals and price points for bulk orders. With hopes of high demand, this will make for easier coordination purposes. We can assist as needed on this as well.

When preparing your package offerings, please note that it is best to deliver items in smaller packages for individual distribution to meet hospital rules. For example, if you are preparing a sandwich tray, you will need to break the sandwich tray down into individual-sized Ziplock bags.

 If your restaurant is interested in participating, please send the form above filled out with the best person for us to reach out to. I can also assist in taking the information over the phone if that's easier.
Thank you and I look forward to working together with you through this.
Shannon Warner, MBA
Director of Marketing & Client Partnerships
ARH Associates
215 Bellevue Ave
Hammonton, NJ 08037
Office:  609-949-1755
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Tell your story:  How has COVID-19 impacted your business and how are you trying to fight through.


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