Astoria Warrenton Chamber Members: How can we help you?
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Hello Members and supporters,

The full economic consequences of this crisis are yet to be known, but this survey will help us to ensure that we can assist you to do everything you can to adapt to the circumstances and support your employees, customers, and our communities.

Please respond to this survey by 8 a.m. on Monday, March 30. (We'll keep the survey open longer, but want to start working on your behalf as soon as possible.) All information will be reported in general terms.

Your feedback will help us connect you to resources that we may hear about as we receive communications from our Federal, State and community partners.  Please respond no matter what your current status is - open, closed, reduced hours or services. When answering the questions, think big, think small and think outside the box.

If you'd like to chat, please email or call me - I'm available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to support you in every way possible. 


David Reid, Executive Director
(503) 325-6311
Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce
Required 1.

Are you currently open? 

Yes, with precautions in place for healthy workplace for those on-site.
Yes, with our team working remotely and little customer contact.
No, we are completely closed.
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How many employees do you have? (on average, prior to COVID-19)
1-5 employees
6-19 employees
20-99 employees
100 or more employees
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Which of the following best describes the principal industry of your company?
Advertising, Marketing, Consulting
Agriculture, Fishing or Forestry
Finance & Financial Services
Food & Beverage
Health Care & Personal Services
Hospitality & Tourism
Nonprofit Organization or Association
Retail & Shopping
Real Estate
Staffing & Recruitment
Transportation & Delivery
Utilities & Energy
From a business standpoint, what are your top concerns regarding the potential spread of coronavirus? (Check all that apply)
Long-term impacts on the global economy.
Limiting operations or shutting down my business.
Disruptions in the supply chain.
Decreased consumer demand for our products or services.
Meeting payroll amid reduced revenues.
Needing to layoff staff.
Potentially going out of business.
Maintaining health of essential employees to run critical operations.
Government mandated closures.
If you had access to grant or stimulus monies, how much would you need to prevent or reverse lay-offs? (all or partial)

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If you had access to grant or stimulus monies, how could you alter your business to offer different or unique products or services?
(Re-tooling, change of services, rental of equipment or vehicles)

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What type of information and/or support do you need the most right now?

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Please leave any additional comments in the space provided.

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