Manufacturing Capabilities & Critical Supplies Survey
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We are working on identifying companies that can make critical supplies, in particular personal protective equipment. We want to leverage your skills, expertise, experience, and capabilities to support the growing supply chain needs and shortages presented by COVID-19.

We want to hear from you if you are are a manufacturer who currently provides or has the capability to quickly develop and produce products, services, and equipment to the medical supply chain or other essential items.
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Do you currently produce critical or essential items?

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Please indicate the items that you currently have the capacity and capability to produce OR can produce quickly with changes in your production facilities (check all that apply):

Gowns, Disposable, All Sizes - ISO rated, Surgical Gowns, Impermeable, Polypropylene, 3-Layer (looking for at least 500,000 of each size or 2,000,000 of one size fits all)
N95 Masks
Surgical Procedure Masks
Surgical Procedure Masks w/ Shield Attached
Face Shields - w/ Band, Disposable
Goggles - Anti-Fog, Splash/Impact-Resista-
nt, Condor, similar to Grainger #1VT70
Gloves, Exam, All Sizes - Long Cuff 11-12", Nitrile
Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) - MaxAir CAPR Systems
PAPR Hoods, All Sizes - 3M or Alternative Brands
PAPR Filters
Comfort Strips (Max Ari 2000-201)
Li-Ion Batteries, Small (Max Ari 200-36T)
Impermeable Batteries
nt Wipes
Hand Sanitizer Bottles - 4, 8, 12, 24 oz. Bottles
Hand Soap - Any Sizing, Foaming or Not, Sanitizing, Go Joe (looking for about 500 individual 20 oz. packages)
Cleaning Solution Spray - Vionex, Cavicide or similar
Biohazard Waste Bags - Red, 10 gal, 24" or similar in size
Digital Thermometers (forehead)/Disposable Thermometers
Disposables Stethoscopes

Please list any applicable certifications (ie. ISO, AS 9100, etc.):


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If you DO NOT currently produce critical or essential items, can you quickly and effectively transition your operation to support the production of one or more of these items?


If you answered yes to Question 4, please provide detail on what you can produce. Please include (where applicable) what products/products you can produce; your capabilities (i.e. machining, sewing, cutting, assembly, etc.); whether you have contacts in this market; forecasted quantity; forecasted time to market; financial constraints; technology/skill constraints.


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