HPG COVID-19 Real Estate Survey
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Your opinion matters to us! Please take our quick survey as we value your important feedback. Start below.
Required 1.
Have you been planning to buy a new home or condo within the last six months?

Required 2.
Are you still planning to buy a new home or condo, given the COVID-19 pandemic?

Not sure
Required 3.
When are you planning to buy a new home or condo?

Within three months
Within six months
In the next year
Not sure
Required 4.
How will COVID-19 affect your plans?

Not at all, I'm calling to view sites by-appointment-only
Soon as it's over, I'm ready to go
Delaying three months
Delaying six months
Not sure
Required 5.
Has COVID-19 caused you to consider to: 

Buy a smaller lowrise home (ie townhouse or semi vs single-detached)?
Buy a condo (mid or highrise) instead of a lowrise home
Buy with a friend or relative
Required 6.
What do you rely on most on for keeping up to date on new home developments?

Publications such as HOMES Magazine, Condo Life and Active Life
Digital products such as myhomepage.ca
Required 7.
How has your homebuying process changed during COVID-19?

I'm relying more on new home builder websites, virtual tours and marketing material
I'm relying more on my realtor to guide me
Required 8.
How important is it that new home and condo developers remain active and visible in media during this time?

Very important
Not important at all
Required 9.
What do you expect new home and condo builders to do during this time?

Be active in social media
Continue to advertise
Contact me with updates if I've pre-registered
Not 'go dark'
Required 10.
If new home and condo developers don't remain active and visible during this time, how will this affect your homebuying decisions once the crisis is over?
I will buy only from those that remained active and visible in media
I will buy from those that offer the best value and deals
It won't affect my decisions at all
Required 11.
What are you hoping new home and condo builders do once the crisis is over?

Offer pricing discounts
Offer free upgrades and other incentives
Offer pricing discounts and other incentives
Required 12.
If new home and condo builders don't offer pricing discounts and other incentives:

I'll buy only from those that do
Supply is low, I'll buy what I am happy with
I'll buy resale instead
Thank you for taking our survey - we appreciate your valuable feedback!