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Farmers across the country are feeling the heavy impacts of COVID-19. We're here for you. And we'll continue to do our part to keep New England farms in farming and to expand farming opportunity

Thank you for all you continue to do to sustain our communities.
What kind of support do you need?
Find and apply for emergency loans and grants
Secure access to my current land/farm. I'm feeling uncertain about my land tenure security
Help starting a farm succession plan. We don't yet have an identified successor.
Taking next steps on our succession plan. We have a successor, now what?
Access more farmland in my state
Post my farm property for sale/lease for a new farmer-tenant
Advocate for policy changes that support New England's farmers
Opportunities to connect with other farmers
Specific technical assistance on my farm (describe in "other" or Q3 below)
None at this time
We know that the impacts of this pandemic on farms are immediate, far reaching and evolving. So that we can keep the needs of farmers in front of state and federal policy makers, please tell us the impacts on your farm business.
Product price decreases
Loss of market outlets
Increased sales volume directly to consumers
Increased sales to wholesale markets
Increased cost or delayed availability of farm inputs
Labor management in response to social distancing
Labor uncertainty or loss of availability
Loss of non-farm income and benefits
None at this time
What resources have been helpful to you that other farmers should know about? What policy changes would you like to see? Anything else you want to share?

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