EVOO Guest Survey
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How many times have you attended our Dinner Show?

2 to 4 times
5 or more times
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How do you describe our dinner menus?  Check any that apply. 

Home Cooking
Pacific Northwest
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What menu changes would you like to see? Check any that apply. 

More variety
More upscale
More ethnic
More trendy
None, I like it the way it is
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Our Dinner show is designed to give you three examples of complete meals, unlike courses our plates are meant to be complete by themselves, and we never expect you to recreate all of this at any given time.  That being said, is the amount of food served...   

Just the right amount of food for the format
Too much food for the current format
Too little food for the current format
Sometimes the amount of food keeps me from making a Dinner Show reservation
Sometimes the length of the program (3 hours) keeps me from booking a Dinner Show
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Would you prefer if we followed more traditional courses versus the 3 balanced entrees we currently do?  

Yes, more traditional courses
Yes, if it was as robust and full of information, food, and time
Yes, if it meant the same robust information but a little less food and time
No, leave the dinner show format alone
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How do you feel about our Dinner Show start time of 6:00 PM?

It works perfectly
I would prefer to start earlier at 5:00 PM
I don't live close enough to the coast to make it by 6:00 PM on Friday, so if you changed it to 7:00 PM I would be more likely to book
I like the option of a Sunday Dinner Show or Supper. It helps if the show started at 3:00 PM
I like the option of a Sunday Dinner Show or Supper. It helps if the show started at 4:00 PM
I like the option of a Sunday Dinner Show or Supper. It helps if the show started at 5:00 PM
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How well do you like our wine choices?

Most of the time
Hardly ever, if so please explain
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Besides our Dinner Shows, have you attended any of the following?

Artisan Bread Class
Pasta 101 Class
Practical Knife Skills
Pizza Class
Pizza a la carte
Apple pie on 4th of July
Semi hands-on Omelet Class
Semi hands-on Crepe Class
The Lunch Show
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Regarding these new topics for hands-on offerings, please rate your interest:

(Note: 1 being your most favorite and 7 being your least favorite)

(1 = Top Choice)
Mastering Souffles
Laminated Doughs (like croissants)
Cake Decorating
Hand-made Tortillas
Homemade Dog Food
Kids Class
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We limit the size of individual parties at our Dinner Shows to a group of 10 or less.  We also limit the amount of celebrating so that our other guests don't feel "left out".  If you have been at our Dinner Show and felt "left out", we want to hear about your experience.  


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We must wait until all seats are reserved before we make a seating chart - we give priority based on medical or disability requests, dietary needs, and specific requests.  We believe there isn't a bad seat in the house.  Has this process worked for you?

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What is one word or short phrase that describes our Dinner Show?


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During the Dinner Show, we focus on techniques, not recipes.  Our goal is to help you feel more freedom in cooking and less dependency on recipes.  How has this approach influenced your cooking style? 
I feel braver in the kitchen to not use a recipe
I am still on the fence and still use recipes and sometimes I don't
I still prefer using recipes
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Do you have favorite recipes or techniques that we stress either in a show, class, or our online cookbook?


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Do you use our Online Cookbook?

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When you use the online cookbook, how frequently do you refer to it?

Once a week
Once a month
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When you use our Online Cookbook, how would you rate your satisfaction? 

Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Did not find what I needed
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If we published a hardcopy cookbook would you purchase it?

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If yes, please rate the following concepts that are most important for you in a published cookbook.  

(Note: 1 being your most favorite and 10 being your least favorite)

(1 = Top Choice)
Best of EVOO Recipes
New Recipes
Technique Driven
Food Safety/Cooking Temperature Charts
Matching Wine with Food
Menu Planning
Seasonally/Locally focused
Ethnic Influences
Mediterranean Style
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Our retail shop is meant to be an extension of our pantry.  We have stocked it with foods, wines, and culinary tools that complement our daily cooking.  In your opinion how well do our retail offerings accomplish this?

Very much
Not at all
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What additional food items, wine, and culinary tools would you like us to carry if any?


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We strive to stock wines in our store that match well with a variety of foods.  Therefore, they change as often as our menus.  What do you think of this approach?

It's alright
Don't like it
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Occasionally we use some wineries more often than others for our menus.  How do you feel about this?

It doesn't matter to me as long as it's a good pairing
I really haven't noticed
I'd rather be exposed to new wines when I attend, but it hasn't detracted from the experience
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If you are not a wine drinker, have you enjoyed our non-alcoholic substitution?

Yes, enjoyed the substitution
No, didn't enjoy the substitution
Doesn't apply to me - I drink the wine! (or skip question)
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Have you substituted beer for wine?  If so, have you enjoyed our beer offerings?

Yes, I enjoyed the beer
No, I didn't enjoy the beer
Doesn't apply to me (or skip question)
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Which of our chef branded products have you enjoyed?  What else would you like to see offered?

Flavors of Spice Blends
Everything Sauce (Black & Blue)
Blue Sky Sea Salt
Chefs Blend Oregon Red Wine
Chefs Blend Oregon White Wine
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We have EVOO logo'd products such as aprons, T-shirts, caps, fleece tops, coffee mugs, wine glasses, water bottles, and go-bags.  What other logo'd products might you be interested in?

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If we had an online virtual class (live or pre-recorded), how likely would you attend or subscribe?

Yes, for sure
I might check it out
No, not interested
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If interested in an online program, what parameters would work for you to subscribe? Check all that apply

Length: 30 minutes or less
Length: 45 to 60 minutes
Only if I can watch on my own schedule
Watch live and ask questions
If they are expanded versions of what you do in your shows
If they focus on things you don't do in your shows
Purchase one show at my convenience
Monthly subscription (access to current monthly shows)
Annual subscription (full access pass to ALL shows)
Doesn't apply (skip question)
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Did you know we offer private parties at EVOO?  Our capacity is 8 to 12 guests for hands-on classes; 18 to 24 guests for a sit-down event; or 40 to 50 for sit/stand reception using outdoor space as well as indoor.  We have done family reunions, business/corporate events, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and birthdays.  How do you feel we can better market these services to the public?

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Thank you, we truly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey - we value your opinions!  Please enter the information indicated below to win one of 50 coupons for a 3 pack of Chef Bob's Spice Blends ($30 Value)! 

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