The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA), and Minnesota Noxious Weed Advisory Committee (NWAC) seek your input on species scheduled for noxious weed/invasive plant risk assessment over the next three years (2020-2022) because they are species that are variously important to the nursery and landscape industry. The completion of a risk assessment does not mean a species will necessarily become regulated in the state. However, because the potential regulation of these species may have an impact on your business and the nursery and landscape industry as a whole, your input is needed to accurately gauge the importance of these species to the green industry and will be greatly appreciated. The survey data gathered will be shared with the NWAC and incorporated into the risk assessments for each species with the goal of improving the risk assessment process and informing any recommendations for regulation that may result. Additional information about noxious weed regulation is available on the MDA Noxious and Invasive Weed Program webpages.