Please tell us what you think of WUCF's At-Home Learning initiative
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How did you hear about WUCF's At-Home Learning Initiative (check all that apply)? 

WUCF Website
WUCF Newsletter
WUCF Facebook
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In which grade level(s) are you most interested (check all that apply)?

Grades K-3
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What part(s) of WUCF At-Home Learning have you been using (check all that apply)?
Curriculum-based program schedule (6am-6pm)
Online digital resources (PBS Learning Media, On My Way to Kindergarten Toolkit, etc.)
Meet the Helpers
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WUCF At-Home Learning has helped me provide quality learning experiences at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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How have you used WUCF At-Home Learning online digital resources?


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How have you used WUCF's At-Home Learning programs that air from 6am to 6pm weekdays?


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I find the complementary activities and resources linked from the WUCF program schedule to be very useful in helping my child/student continue learning beyond the show.

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How can we improve WUCF's At-Home Learning initiative?


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What additional types of resources do you need to support your child/student's at-home learning?

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Please share any other comments or feedback.


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