Would you like perform virtually for PCA?
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Here are some ideas to get the creative ideas flowing:
1) Perform a Song:  Sing for a special occasion like Mother's Day or one of the greats
2) Create a Contest:  Use my guitar to be used in sing-a-long contest
3) Create on Art: Display your online scrapbook of  art work or produce a how-to-video 
4) Read a Play: Give your all on a monologue or scene
5) Dance or Show Movement Techniques: Get moving to your favorite musical dance number

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I want perform virtually?

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I would like to do the following:

Teach Acting Techniques
Perform in a Reader's Theater Performances or other Mini Production
Perform a Monologue
Sing a Song
Host a Streaming Video
Dance to a Song
Create Art Tutorial
You Tell Me What You Would Like Me To Do
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