Managing your Business through Covid-19 Working on the Business Questions
What are your clients/customers priorities now, have they changed? Do you expect them to change?



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How are you staying engaged with your existing clients/customers and prospects?


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What are you tracking to indicate your clients/customers are beginning activities that will lead to sales?


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What are your competitors doing now, have they changed? Do you expect them to change?


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What will competitors do if they get desperate? 

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If you have had to reduce your business in response to either demand changes or government mandate, at what level of client/customer demand will you need to resume operations, and do you have flexibility to scale up or bring back in stages?

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What new markets or products/services which you have identified in the last few weeks or from this pandemic which will be good opportunities to consider for business growth?

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What existing products/services which you have identified which will not be required or have the same level of demand as before? If so, what needs to be considered to adjust your business operations to align to this new reality and when?


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How have your client's/customer's buying behaviours changed? How long will this persist? Considering your responses to the questions above, how will you adapt your business model?

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What changes to your staffing levels (could be role and responsibility changes as well) which you will need to make to factor and/or align to the new reality you foresee?


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