2019-2020 Teacher Adopt A Class Survey
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Thank you for being a part in this year's Adopt A Class program. Please complete this short three minute survey below. Your responses will help us design future resources and activities.

How many years has your classroom been in the Adopt A Class program?

5 or more
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How long have you been a classroom teacher? 

1 - 3 years
4 - 7 years
8 - 10 years
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We have identified a quality mentoring experience as one where the adopter does the following activities: 1) monthly visits, 2) group activities, 3) field trips, 4) pen palling. Please respond yes or no to the statements below:

 Yes No Unsure Does Not Apply  
My adopter visited with my class at least 5 times throughout the school year.  
There was always at least a 4:1 (4 students to 1 adult) ratio whenever my adopter came to visit.  
My adopter took my class on a field trip.  
My adopter brought group activities that helped my students grow academically.  
My adopter provided a STEM experience (activity, discussion topic or field trip) for my students.  
My adopter gave my students opportunities to learn about college and career.  
My adopter provided my students with experience to build life and soft skills.  
My adopter pen palled with my class this year.  

Our mission is to connect local businesses and community groups with our most economically disadvantaged students through mentoring. Through that connection students are exposed to a breadth of experiences and a wide variety of careers. Please share some of the impacts you have seen from our program by rating your agreement with the following statements (Select One: Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Somewhat Agree, Agree or Not Apply):

 Agree Somewhat Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Not Apply 
My students made good connections to adults because of Adopt A Class
Self-esteem has improved in my students this year because of encouragement given by my adopters
My students have a greater understanding of how school subjects tie into careers because of their adopters
My students have clearer self-vision of their potential because of their adopters
My students have expanded horizons because of their interactions with their adopters
Required 5.
Please rate your experience with the activities presented monthly by your adopters.
 No Engagement Somewhat Engaging Engaging Very Engaging N/A 
College and Career
Life and soft Skills
Pen Palling
Field Trip

If your adopters presented activities with little to no engagement, what do you feel could have created a better experience for your students?


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Required 7.
Do you feel comfortable making suggestions to your team lead/team to provide activities that better meet the needs of your students?

Your feedback is the best way for Adopt A Class to continue to grow towards our mission. Please provide any suggestions you have that may help to improve our programming and the overall experience for adopters and teachers (if you would prefer to have a conversation about this topic, please call Zonieke Alston-Betts, Program Manager School Relationships at 630.903.4930).


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Required 9.
Adopt A Class is preparing for the possibility of going virtual in the Fall. How comfortable would you be participating in our program should that be the case?
Extremely Uncomfortable Somewhat Uncomfortable Somewhat Comfortable Very Comfortable Extremely Comfortable       
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Required 10.

Which web conferencing platform(s) do you have the most familiarity with?  Please select all that apply.

Google Hangouts
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