Chesapeake Children's Museum Survey
Please share your ideas about how Chesapeake Children's Museum can meet your needs while we are closed.
Thank you!

What is your involvement with the Chesapeake Children's Museum?  Please check all that apply.

Visited in the past
Current Member
Girl Scout Leader
Childcare Provider
Community Partner
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Are you interested in virtual events for adults and children?
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If you answered yes to question #2, what type of online activities, workshops, and programs would you like to see? Please select all that apply:
Children's activities
Weekly parenting discussions
MDSE approved childcare workshops
Parent - Child activities
Virtual birthday parties
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Are you interested in "Activity Kits" to use at home? If so, please check all that apply.
Pick up at CCM.
Home delivery (by mail or CCM staff / volunteer)
A letter that is mailed to your child with directions and a list of on-hand materials (paper, crayons, common household items)
A combination of mailed directions and materials with list of household items.
Other - What are your ideas? Write in the comment section below.
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To help us in planning online and at-home activities, what are the ages of your children?


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What type of social media posts are you interested in?
Community information
Informative articles
Daily family/children's activities
Interactive questions and comments
Educational videos
I don't have social media accounts
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Are you interested in volunteering? If so, please select the volunteer opportunities in which you are interested. Please select all that apply:

Finance, Development, Grants and Fundraising
Events and Festivals
Museum Workshops
Outreach Workshops
Marketing and Publicity
Grounds and Facilities
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