Survey for Exhibitors of August 2020 NPPA Conference
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What is your Title at work?


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What City & State do you personally work from?


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Do you have customers only in a certain region of the country, or all of the country (that you are responsible for within the company)?  If only a certain region vs. the whole country, please provide that region in your response here (or simply state you cover the whole country).

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Approximately how many of NPPA's Annual Conferences have you (or your company) attended in the past?  (Last year's 2019 event was our 23rd Annual.)
15 or more
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Does your company have a current travel/convention freeze in place through August, that would not allow you nor anyone from your company to Exhibit at our August 2020 NPPA Conference in Las Vegas? 
Yes, our company is NOT ALLOWING travel to any conventions through August
No, we ARE STILL ALLOWED to travel to conventions through August
Our company is only making decisions on such travel every couple weeks or so, based on the newest information
Currently unknown
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If your company is still allowing travel to conventions through August, would you personally be ok with joining to represent your company as an NPPA Conference Exhibit Booth representative?  (At Bally's hotel in Las Vegas, who will have safety protocols and precautions in place, such as testing of all their employees for COVID-19 before going back to work, and other precautionary measures and assistance in place.)

Yes, I would be ok with going as an Exhibit Booth rep
No, I would not feel comfortable traveling & being an Exhibit Booth rep
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